Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates -Jungeblut

David Jungeblut - Sibley, Mo.

Life Member David Jungeblut, 61, is an owner-operator. Dave services a dedicated account hauling auto parts from Chicago to Kansas City, Mo., and employs one driver in a second truck doing the same.

Dave Jungeblut
He lives in Sibley, Mo., and has been driving truck for 28 years. Back in 1990, David was convinced that a collective voice representing truckers is better than a smattering of opinions and joined OOIDA.

Dave has hauled general freight with his own authority and as a leased owner-operator. He believes he can contribute to establishing well-reasoned and well-explained positions on issues that affect every CDL holder in the country, as well as their dependents.

He has been a member for 26 years because he sees OOIDA as a diverse group of people who share the goal of trying to achieve a positive effect on issues that affect the entire industry. He supports OOIDA because it’s the only voice whose sole function is to protect the interests of individual drivers against big trucking, political pandering and knee-jerk regulations.

Dave says some of the most important problems facing a majority of owner-operators and drivers are the deluge of changes in the industry and the predatory practices by large, well-funded groups. He strongly believes in OOIDA and continuing to build an effective, united voice to counter those groups and provide constant pushback.

Dave has served one term as alternate director to the board. In this role, Dave has promoted OOIDA and its goals to both members and nonmembers. Dave would continue to do this and more if re-elected to the board.

When he’s not trucking, one of his favorite hobbies is gardening. 

Listen to Land Line Now host Mark Reddig interview David Jungeblut, one of nine candidates running for five positions on the Association’s board.