Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates - Lloyd

Robert Dee Lloyd - Ottawa Lake, Mich. 

Life Member Robert Lloyd, 63, is a company driver from Ottawa Lake, Mich., with more than 46 years of experience in trucking. Bob joined OOIDA in 1992 because of OOIDA’s history of fighting for drivers’ rights.

Bob Lloyd
Bob is running for alternate because he has thoughts on improvements that can be made to the industry and the government. He believes OOIDA is the vehicle by which to communicate those industry suggestions and concerns. He has been an advocate for the Association since he joined.

New drivers face many obstacles. Bob believes one of the biggest issues is a lack of training. He is a certified trainer in Michigan and is a trainer for the company that employs him. Bob fields many questions about the industry and the business in addition to questions about truck operation. Bob thinks many drivers shrug these new guys off, and believes he can help them by teaching things he has learned over his trucking career.

Being successful in trucking is dependent upon your attitude. It makes all the difference when addressing customers, DOT officers and other drivers. Showing respect is the key to being treated with respect.

Bob believes he possesses skills that would benefit the organization, if elected to the board. First, he thinks that being a certified trainer gives him a unique perspective into the lives and minds of new drivers. Additionally, Bob has a CPAP machine as he has sleep apnea. Bob considers sleep apnea a big issue in trucking and says he does feel better in the morning after sleeping with the machine.

When not trucking, Bob is involved in Truckers United for Charities, Righteous Riders, CMA and Cedar Creek Church. 

Listen to  Land Line Now host Mark Reddig interview Bob Lloyd, one of nine candidates running for five positions on the Association’s board.