Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates - Smith

Douglas Ralph Smith - Bountiful, Utah

Life Member Doug Smith, 63, is from Bountiful, Utah. Doug has more than 46 years of experience in the industry with 37 as an owner-operator. His current operation is dump truck and heavy haul.

Doug Smith
Doug joined OOIDA in 1999 because he liked the representation he got on issues that matter to him. He sees all the good OOIDA has done and believes it’s impressive how much “bang OOIDA gets for its buck” given the affordability of the annual dues. He believes it is the best organization for the money bar none and would like to help OOIDA continue its mission by adding his voice as an alternate to the board.

Doug sees wages as one of the biggest obstacles for new drivers entering the industry. To him, carriers look for the lowest common denominator at all times. For instance, large carriers want to allow drivers under the age of 21 in interstate operations, and they constantly work to bring in foreign drivers through the H2B visa program. Both initiatives are done in an effort to avoid paying decent wages to drivers.

He sees three major problems in the industry today. One is detention time. Excessive time at docks puts pressure on a driver’s ability to adhere to hours-of-service regulations. Next, electronic logging devices and speed limiters burden small-business truckers. We must educate regulators and lawmakers to understand how these devices have the opposite effect on safety. Finally, Doug is against excessive taxation by states via tolls, ton mile taxes, etc. To combat this, he believes OOIDA should file suit in those states as they did in Alabama and New York.

Doug is a member of Associated General Contractors and the Utah Trucking Association, and is a delegate to the State of Utah Republican Convention. When he is not trucking, Doug enjoys whitewater raft trips. 

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