Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates - Kordi

Michael Kordi - Sunnyvale, Texas

Michael Kordi, 37, is an owner-operator from Sunnyvale, Texas. Michael is currently leased to a carrier and hauls dry van products primarily between the Midwest and West Coast. He joined OOIDA in 2006 to take advantage of services offered and to learn more about the Association.

Michael Kordi
Michael is seeking election as an alternate to contribute in the fight to make drivers’ jobs and lives easier. There are too many regulations designed to make things more difficult for drivers. Michael would like to be part of the solution by offering his ideas on how to make members’ operations better.

Michael feels some of the most important issues facing new drivers to the industry are potential health regulations with regard to sleep apnea and medical changes that might make it more difficult for drivers to pass the DOT physical. Another important issue is overcapacity in trucking. An overabundance of trucks and carriers creates challenges in finding freight lanes and customers.

Trucking is a service-based industry. To be successful, truckers must provide good service to their customers. To provide good service you must make only those promises you can keep, stick to your word, and deliver on the promises made.

Michael believes he would make a good alternate because he relates well to people and is a good listener. If a member or prospective member comes to him with an issue or problem, he can use his experience to relate to that person and work toward a solution.

Additionally, he believes that educating the public about how the trucking industry really works is important because it could garner a newfound respect for truckers. As an alternate, he would contribute to this endeavor by promoting and projecting a more positive image for all OOIDA members and would help bring education to the forefront. 

Listen to Land Line Now host Mark Reddig interview Michael Kordi, one of nine candidates running for five positions on the Association’s board.