Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates - Raney

Hamlin (Trot) Raney III - Wake Forest, N.C. 

Trot Raney, 45, is an owner-operator living in Wake Forest, N.C. He has his own authority and pulls a flatbed hauling various equipment and materials. 

Hamlin "Trot" Raney
He joined the Association because “OOIDA is the best collective voice to represent drivers to our state and federal lawmakers.” He believes the only way to make a difference in this industry is to be part of the solution.

According to Trot, one of the most difficult issues faced by new drivers is the hours-of-service regulations. There is no flexibility in the rules. Large carriers are pushing for electronic logging devices for everyone to help them manage their fleets. While ELDs may be a benefit to the larger carriers, they will be a disadvantage to small owner-operators and carriers. Proponents have tied ELDs to safety, but Trot doesn’t see a correlation. You can be 100 percent compliant and still not be safe.

Trot came from a project management background in the IT field. The corporation he worked for outsourced jobs to Europe, so he started his own trucking business. This, he said, gave him control of his own destiny. He built his business from the ground up. He briefly went to work for a large carrier and decided that wasn’t the path for him. So he bought a tractor and decided if he was going to go broke it would be on his terms. He hasn’t looked back.

As board members approach retirement age or just decide to leave the board, Trot feels that we as an organization need to recruit younger members – just as the industry needs to attract younger drivers. As he is relatively new to the industry, he believes he can offer a fresh perspective on trucking and the issues faced. While there is much to learn from experience, we can also learn from those new faces to the industry. 

Listen to Land Line Now host Mark Reddig interview Trot Raney, one of nine candidates running for five positions on the Association’s board.