Meet the 2016 OOIDA Board Alternate Candidates - Martinez

Jose “Tony” Martinez - North Bergen, N.J.

Senior Member Tony Martinez, 59, is an owner-operator from New Bergen, N.J. Tony has 40 years of experience in the industry and has had his own authority throughout that time. He currently hauls hazmat pool products directly for a shipper.

Tony Martinez
Tony joined OOIDA in 2006 because he wanted a voice in Washington, D.C., and he believes there is great force in numbers. As an alternate, he believes he can bring a fresh mindset to the organization. OOIDA needs to bring in more and younger members for the future of the industry. It’s important that OOIDA stay strong for future drivers, and Tony would like to help in this endeavor. If elected, he will be 100 percent dedicated to OOIDA and its cause.

In speaking with new drivers while out on the road, Tony believes one of the biggest problems faced by these drivers is a lack of behind-the-wheel training. With experience as a trainer himself, he also thinks that many of the trainers are not qualified to teach new drivers. Four to six weeks is not enough time to train a driver or a trainer. Current industry “standards” are simply not adequate to teach a person all the things he or she needs to know before hitting the highways.

Tony has been successful in trucking over his career. He credits his success to having been consistent in the business, showing up on time for appointments or calling the customer with any schedule changes. He says good customer service is imperative. Prove yourself to be reliable and learn from your mistakes. By providing the customer with what they need, he finds they will do the same for you.

When not trucking, Tony contributes his time to charities that benefit children.

Listen to Land Line Now host Mark Reddig interview Tony Martinez, one of nine candidates running for five positions on the Association’s board.