Thursday, February 16, 2017

Speed limiters dead in the water? Not by a long shot

There’s some buzz going around that speed limiters are dead in the water thanks to an executive order signed by President Trump.

The order says that for every new proposed regulation, agencies must identify two for repeal. The point of the order is to get a handle on the money it costs to implement and comply with regulations.

Having been around this industry for more than a minute, I can tell you to be careful putting too much stock in anything, and I mean anything, being dead in the water. It doesn’t even matter if the agency abandons a regulation before making it official. It’s never a done deal.

Case in point: electronic logs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Potential employers looking you right in the FACEbook

Be careful what you say on Facebook; the world is watching. And so is Austen Mance. ... Austen has launched a tech startup called Enlistics. It’s a tech company that describes itself as "a comprehensive hiring system for the trucking industry." Enlistics uses data to analyze driver candidates and recommend who a carrier should hire and who they should not.

How does Enlistics gather data?

According to an Enlistics press release, the company "automatically scrapes applicants' social media posts for phrases known to predict future success or failure."

Social media in this case means Facebook, Austen explained. If your profile is public, Enlistics looks for words and phrases that might indicate your prevailing attitudes. For instance, Austen’s release says, “one such ‘bad’ phrase known to correlate with employee turnover is ‘I’m so drunk …’”

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Couple’s love proven on cross-country haul

If you really want to get to know a person, travel the country together in a truck. You’ll find out quick whether or not you can keep a conversation going, or if you both can be comfortable with silence for a while. You’ll learn about each other’s annoying habits and whether or not you can tolerate them.

There’s no escaping each other in a big rig, so it shouldn’t take long to find out if two people are compatible.

And for 51-year-old truck driver Gary Overstreet, the time on the road was enough proof for him that he had found the love of his life.