Wednesday, March 1, 2017

With this ring

“People say that love knows no bounds, that it flows through all of us and crosses all definable and indefinable planes of existence.”

Those words are from a recent Facebook post by Ashley Boeglin (pronounced Beg lin) and it’s a message that will resonate with the trucking industry. Most truckers remember when truck driver Mike Boeglin lost his life in an unsafe parking area, his Freightliner set on fire to destroy evidence. It happened almost three years ago.

“I lost the love of my life, my other half, my soulmate,” she posted.

Detroit firefighters found her husband, Mike, age 31, inside his truck in the early hours of June 26, 2014. Mike was parked in an abandoned lot near ThyssenKrupp Steel Plant where he planned to deliver his load. But he was unable to park inside the gated facility as ThyssenKrupp doesn’t allow it.

Mike was 31. Ashley was four months pregnant. Today, she’s a busy mother of a toddler and a committed activist for safe parking and for truckers’ rights to carry weapons for protection.

“Not a day goes by I don’t think of him. I used to feel as if Mike was around after his passing and even had a few dreams about him over the last few years, but over time I haven’t ‘felt’ him around and haven’t had the dreams of him in almost a year.”

After the senseless crime, the burned semi was hauled back to Indiana. The Detroit Police Department still have made no arrests. This month, she decided to sell what was left of the Freightliner.
“I went to his semi and decided to look through it, be near it, one last time.”

It was Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. She says she looked it over and sifted through the scorched debris as she had done time and time again before.

“However, today was different. Today my husband told me he loves me. … Beyond any reason of doubt I know he will always be with me and that nothing, not even death, could stop him from doing that.”

There it was in the rubble – Mike’s wedding ring, the actual ring Ashley gave him on their wedding day. Inside the ring is the inscription “I’ll never stop trying.”

It seems incredible to her, as many times as she’s rummaged through the burned-out interior of the truck. She assumed his wedding ring had been stolen during the tragic incident that took his life.

“Of all the gifts he has ever given me, this is the second best, the first being our daughter. I will never again question if he is with me or not.”