Friday, January 13, 2017

Watch CHP escort a jackknifed FedEx tractor down a snowy hill

It’s a nightmare scenario for a truck driver – jackknifing at the top of the grade on a snow-covered mountain road.

This played out for one unfortunate FedEx driver at 8:30 a.m. yesterday on Interstate 80, just above Floriston, Calif. Faced with an extended shutdown of the interstate to wait for a tow truck, the California Highway Patrol instead made the bold decision to escort the tractor down the slope, and into a turnout near Floriston.

The CHP office in Truckee has a video of the truck, which still had engine power. Watching it wind its way down the hillside is the sort of thing that will make even a seasoned driver’s blood run cold. The good news is the maneuver was successful and the highway reopened to traffic within an hour, according to the CHP office’s Facebook post.

In the words of one CHP officer at the end of the video: “I cannot believe that worked.”

Tell us what you think, drivers. Any critiques on this technique? Ever have anything similar happen? What did you do?