Friday, January 27, 2017

AXS compiles Top 10 trucker tunes list

People love lists. In fact, “listicles” were a thing for a while thanks to websites such as Buzzfeed. One type of list that always sparks debate is the “Top 10 (fill in the blank) Songs.” For example, a recent blog over at AXS listed the “Top 10 trucker tunes.”

It’s not too often you see people not associated with trucking talking about trucker tunes. AXS, a ticket merchant you have probably purchased concerts tickets through, dipped their hand in the trucking tune jar, and here’s what they came out with:

1. “Movin’ On” – Merle Haggard

2.   “Six Days on the Road” – Dave Dudley

3. “Phantom 309” – Red Sovine

4.  “Purple Sky” – Kid Rock

5. “All I Do Is Drive” – Johnny Cash

6. “Smokey on Your Front Door” – Waylon Jennings

7.  “Truck Driving S.O.B” – Deadbolt

8. “Highway To Hell” – AC/DC

9. “Mama I’m Coming Home” – Ozzy Osborne

10. Psalm 69 album – Ministry

As you can see, there are a lot of standard trucker songs we see on similar lists created by truckers. Of course, AXS had some fun with that last one, which by the way, it’s supposed to be the full album, not one particular track.

My personal favorite on that list is actually the Ministry album. However, I did notice they missed any Aaron Tippin or Tony Justice songs.

What’s your favorite song in the above list and what essential trucker tunes are missing?


  1. MISSING : Roll On....Alabama , I can't drive 55....Sammy Hagar , 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses....Anne Murray , Radar Love......Golden Ear Ring and { gag me on a dead Smurf ! } Teddy Bear.....Red Sovine

  2. Widow maker, Big Footed Dan...half thus stuff really isn't trucker songs. Who made this list 15 year olds?

  3. Give me 40 acres, Wolf Creek Pass,40 miles of Bad Roa, How Fast them Trucks can go.

  4. Big Wheels in the Moonlight, 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses, Hey its good to be back home again...and of course ditto on the Red Sovine Teddy Bear.

  5. Breaker 1-9 this here's the Rubber Duck.

  6. Speedball Tucker by Jim Croce

  7. Grapevine, Southern Bound, Truck Drivin' Mama, Hold on Ma'am you've Got Yourself a Honker. These may be too old for most of you but they were great.

  8. East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed


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