Friday, August 5, 2016

‘Over and under’ – a brief career in trucking

After downing a pot roast and mashed potatoes special with a slice of chocolate cream pie at a diner on U.S. Route 1 in Elizabeth, N.J., my friend Charlie strolled out the door and around back where the trucks were parked. His wasn't there. It never had been.

"My truck has been stolen," he told the cashier. "Can I use your phone to call the police?"

Less than three months after getting into the drayage business as an owner-operator, Charlie was out. He could finally get a decent night's sleep. He was a happy man. He was also a felon.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

From cleanliness to cuisine, which truck stops are the best?

Earlier this year, Trucker Path used its ratings from more than 450,000 truck drivers to rank the top truck stops in the nation.

The truck stops received overall rating scores based on such factors as customer service, parking lot size and safety, competitive diesel prices, restaurant options, cleanliness and shower and laundry facilities.

Three truck stops – Busy Bee in Live Oak, Fla.; Tullo Truck Stop in Kearny, N.J.; and Travel Express in Lathrop, Mo. – received perfect ratings of 5.0. Trucker Path said the average rating for an independent truck stop was 3.89, while it was 3.73 for a truck stop in a major chain. In all, Trucker Path analyzed 3,500 truck stops with more than five ratings on Trucker Path Pro.

The complete top 10:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Governments band together for truck parking at Kentucky rest area

Over the past couple months, I have written about cities across the country that have taken truck parking seriously and have gone above and beyond to accommodate truckers. Today, I would like to give credit to state and federal agencies involved in getting the ball rolling for a busy rest area under construction.

In January, a facility at a rest area off of southbound Interstate 65 near Horse Cave, Ky., caught fire, damaging the building and shutting down the rest area. This is par for the course, as these sorts of things do happen. Except this rest area has approximately 110 parking spaces, making it a significant hub for truckers.

Scott Grenerth, director of regulatory affairs for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, brought this to my attention. He wanted to find out why parking for the rest area was shut down considering work was only being done to the building. Couldn’t the state open up truck parking in the meantime?

Yes and no.