Thursday, March 10, 2016

Linking sleep apnea to crashes easier said than done

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration is examining the potential need for requiring truck drivers to undergo evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea.

So far, the FMCSA has done little to show that sleep apnea has caused a major safety problem within the trucking industry.

In the FMCSA’s and Federal Railroad Administration’s joint advance notice of proposed rulemaking that was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, March 10, the Department of Transportation provides only one instance of a tractor-trailer crash involving sleep apnea.

And that wreck occurred almost 16 years ago. In addition, there is no way to prove sleep apnea was the cause.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trucking company co-workers split Powerball $1 million

Sure, some jerks might say “second place is the first loser,” but a group of 40 co-workers for a trucking company in upstate New York have to be feeling pretty good about their second-place finish in the Powerball drawing in January.

The group each chipped in $5 and bought 100 tickets, cashing in on a $1 million winner that matched all five numbers on the Jan. 9 drawing. Unfortunately, they missed the Powerball – (un)lucky No. 13.

Truck driver Kenneth Shumway purchased the winning ticket at a Stewart’s Shop in Valatie, NY. He told local ABC affiliate News10 that once he found out the group had a winner, he hid the ticket in a container of flour until it could be put in a safe deposit box.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Trucker’s dog learns a new trick

A truck in Mankato, Minn., crashed into a tree and parked car on Friday, March 4. The driver was neither drunk, distracted nor tired. Rather, he was … a dog.

The human driver of the Freightliner exited the vehicle to go into a trailer sales business. While away, the driver left the truck idling. You can guess what happened from there.

If you guessed “Dog shifted truck into gear,” you are correct, and this was the result: