Friday, January 8, 2016

Cop issues prayer, not ticket, for stricken trucker

Feedback on your 2016 vocabulary makeover

Is anyone quicker with a snappy comeback than a trucker? Earlier this week, our Land Line blog featured a rant from me on the misuse and overuse of some words and phrases. The supportive feedback on my suggestion to do a little vocab rehab in 2016 has been fun. I have to share this witty letter from OOIDA Senior Member Danny Schnautz of Pasadena, Texas, in which he manages to use every annoying cliché my blog targeted. Nice, Danny. Nice.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

‘Shout out to the trucker’

Credit a truck driver with an assist in helping a New York State trooper to pull a vehicle over to the shoulder of Interstate 87 in Yonkers.

A recent Facebook post shows video of a trooper attempting to pull a vehicle over without success. According to the narration from the person taking video in the vehicle behind the trooper, the slow-speed chase lasted about a mile.

I-87 Yonkers NY, Trucker helps New York State trooper pullover car on the Interstate.Follow @Ridenhourkennels
Posted by Dwayne Ridenhour on Monday, 4 January 2016

That’s when a truck driver offered a little help.

The truck driver passed and then pulled in front of the pursued vehicle to help the trooper safely force it to the shoulder.

In addition to providing some colorful language, the narrator aptly says, “shout out to the trucker” in the closing moments of the video.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Logic that makes left-lane travel a bad idea applies to speed limiters, too

A joint rulemaking on mandatory speed limiters for heavy vehicles is parked at the White House Office of Management and Budget for review, so now is a good time to remind everyone that this so-called “safety” measure is actually likely to be a net loss when it comes to reducing traffic crashes.

Last May, Vox Media’s Joseph Stromberg wrote an article explaining the dangers of motorists who tool along in the left lane rather than using it exclusively to pass.

The arguments made by those in the “move the heck over” crowd are the same arguments that should be made for the abolishment of speed limiters. It comes down to safety. Slow-moving vehicles lead to buildups of traffic and raise the chance of accidents.

Taking it a step further, say a trucker in a speed-limited vehicle is trying to get around some Sunday driver who’s cruising at less than the posted speed limit. The driver entering the left lane to pass runs the risk of creating a buildup as he tries to get around the slowpoke in the right lane.

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 goals: Vocabulary need a makeover?

CBS reports that a new poll by Marist ranks “whatever” as the most annoying word of the year – for the seventh year in a row.

Whatever. Is that you? Do you grab blah blah words out of the air to drag into your conversation? Are you addicted to overused, misused, nerd words or clichés?

Is your reply to everything “I know! Right?” Do you toss stale old phrases like “and the whole enchilada” after every sentence? If so, maybe your 2016 list of goals includes a vocabulary makeover.

I asked some of the media staff here what words they think are way overused. One did not hesitate to say “so” – admitting that when smarty-pants people start every sentence with so he would like to slap them. That was pretty straightforward.