Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VIDEO: Check out this massive tire blowout

Have you checked your tires lately? If you thought you had a bad tire blowout before, just wait until you see this.

The other day, Associate Editor Greg Grisolano wrote a story about dogs in New Zealand receiving more driver training than truckers. Keeping with the international theme, let’s go a little north…okay, WAY north…to Russia.

In the dashcam video below, you see a truck pulling into a truck stop. Not much is going on, but wait until the 1:00 mark …


As this Jalopnik article points out, it’s possible the explosion was caused by a bad wheel bearing or something else that led to the tire being out of whack, which it appears to be before it explodes. A moving tire that is out of place can quickly heat up on the outside, causing air in the inside to heat up. With rising temperatures comes rising pressure, until eventually … BOOM!

I’m speculating here, but it’s safe to assume that Russia does not have the same trucking regulations as the United States. This is why we have pre-trip inspections. Continue to check those tires. I don’t want to write a similar blog about an American trucker.