Friday, December 16, 2016

OOIDA Board election: Voting ends at midnight Dec. 31

Time is running out to cast your ballot in the 2016 OOIDA Board of Directors election. Voting is scheduled to end at midnight on Saturday, Dec. 31.

Nine OOIDA members are running for seats on the Board of Directors. They are Mark Carter, Pine, Colo.; David Jungeblut, Sibley, Mo.; John Koglman, Oberlin, Ohio; Michael Kordi, Sunnyvale, Texas; Bob Lloyd, Ottawa Lake, Mich.; Jose “Tony” Martinez, North Bergen, N.J.; Chuck Paar, Mount Jewett, Pa.; Hamlin “Trot” Raney III, Wake Forest, N.C., and Doug Smith, Bountiful, Utah.

We’ve compiled background info on all nine candidates, as well as links to their interviews with Land Line Now.

Ballots were mailed out to the membership on Nov. 15 and are due back by Dec. 31. Current OOIDA members can also vote online at

Click on the name below to view the bios of each board candidate, including their photos and interviews with Land Line Now Host Mark Reddig.

Mark Carter, Pine, Colo.

David Jungeblut, Sibley, Mo.

John Marshall Koglman, Oberlin, Ohio

Michael Kordi, Sunnyvale, Texas

Robert Dee Lloyd, Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Jose “Tony” Martinez, North Bergen, N.J.

Charles “Chuck” Paar, Mount Jewett, Pa.

Hamlin (Trot) Raney III, Wake Forest, N.C.

Douglas Ralph Smith, Bountiful, Utah