Monday, October 24, 2016

After accident, trucker looked to help others

Hours after a tour bus accident that killed at least 13 people, it was apparent the driver of the big rig that was struck from behind remained in shock.

“I’m blessed to be alive, and I pray for the families that didn’t make it,” the truck driver said in a cellphone video obtained by CBS News that was taken after he was released from the hospital on Sunday, Oct. 23.

According to multiple reports, a tour bus returning from a casino crashed into a semi-truck on 10 Freeway near Palm Springs, Calif. Thirteen people were killed in the accident, and 31 others were injured.

The truck driver, who identified himself as “Bruce,” in video captured by cab driver David Hirschfield during his ride from the hospital to a Palm Springs hotel, said the accident occurred without warning.

“I didn’t hear nothing coming,” he said. “The impact hit me from behind, and I just blacked out for a minute.”

Once the trucker understood what was happening, he said he left his truck and started pulling passengers out of the bus. He did this despite receiving injuries of his own. The video showed him with a bandage on his hand and cuts on his leg.

“You have to think about others,” he said. “I’m going to be all right. I want to get them safe. I didn’t know if the bus was going to blow up.”

The truck driver’s reactions to this horrible tragedy are admirable.

Prayers go out to him and to all involved in this devastating accident.


  1. One more reason to take away the free pass that these bus companies have when it comes to the laws of the highway. I have never seen one pulled over for speeding and only rarely pulled into a scale house. They're commercial vehicles just like us; it's about time that Smokey Bear starts hammering them.

  2. This accident was terrible. Just another reason for these states having split speed limits for trucks. All these states that have them are having lots of accidents pertaining to them. Cars and Buses can run 65 thru 80 and trucks can only run 55. this is an example making a statement STATES DO AWAY WITH SPLIT SPEED SONES. EXAMPLE EVEN TENNESSEE GO INTO MEMPHIS @MILE MARKER 27 AND SEE THE PROBLEM. I guess i'''ve said enough.

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  4. I've never heard an explanation of why drivers of the most precious cargo we carry as CDL holders, human life, are not subject to the same hours of service regulations as livestock haulers. This driver left downtown LA with a load of people headed to an Indian casino in the desert. After at least four hours of doing who knows what at the casino, he loaded up and headed back to LA through a heavily travelled construction zone on I-10. CHP had been doing slow down and stops on the freeway while the power company worked on tansmission lines over the roadway. In regards to the speed differential in CA, I'm reminded of a lyric from an old truckin' song. "Please Lord, before I bite the dust, let me run the wheels off a Greyhound bus".P

  5. I am wondering why your and passenger buses are not subject to the same speed limits as trucks. I would think that their human cargo is worthy of much more safety than a load of freight. Not that it really would have helped in this situation. Sad.


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