Friday, September 23, 2016

Like clockwork, tractor-trailers demonstrate precision

The goal in the trucking industry is to run as efficiently as possible. Every owner-operator sets out to maximize profits and limit costs.

To do so, precision is a must as every minute counts and truckers aim for each delivery to run like clockwork.

However, comparisons between the trucking industry and a clock were recently taken to a new level.

As a way to boast about the performance and reliability of their trucks, Scania created a gigantic clock made out of trucks. The difficult task required 14 trucks, 90 drivers, and 750,000 square feet of deserted airfield somewhere in Europe. The goal was for the clock of big rigs to run for 24 hours.

Trucks that made up the second hand had to drive on a round track in a perfect circle every 60 seconds. The inside truck had to maintain a constant speed of 8 mph, while the outside truck remained steady at 33 mph.

The video footage taken from the air is mesmerizing.

Scania fleet managers tracked the efforts in the control tower, monitoring the status of each vehicle to avoid unexpected stops. The drivers also played an integral role.

“The most demanding challenge in long haulage is precision and punctuality,” Elin Engstrom, a driver in the project, said in a news release. “The clock was the ultimate test of staying in your line, maintaining your speed and keeping track of every second for 24 hours straight. All the drivers had to be in perfect sync, and precision was the key to achieving this.”

The clock was filmed with five different cameras.

Check out the website to learn more about the unique operation.