Monday, July 25, 2016

This is why speed limiters are a bad idea

It seems there is a great divide between those who live in and around trucking and those who don’t when it comes to whether speed limiting of trucks should be mandatory.

The arguments for speed limiters – by the anti-trucking groups and large motor carrier groups – are tied up in pretty wrapping-paper arguments of highway safety and saving the environment for the most part.

It’s pretty easy to throw common sense out the window and play to these emotional arguments, and unfortunately lawmakers and regulators seem to be doing their damnedest to buy in and push a mandate through.

To drive my point home, I’ll just share a video I came across this weekend as Exhibit A of what will be happening more and more on the highways if all trucks are speed limited.

A few things before you watch it. This video is not from the U.S., but we all know that stupid drivers know no national boundaries. There is some profanity. And I do not know whether the two trucks were speed limited. However, it obviously shows what happens when two trucks are trying to complete a pass that slows traffic and …. Well, just wait for it. 

Feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter. Tag your lawmaker. They could use a quick lesson in the reality of cars driving around speed-limited trucks. Better yet, share your experiences with stupid driving around speed-limited trucks you have witnessed or experienced.