Friday, July 8, 2016

‘Honoring the Blue’

In the works for months, CTS' police tribute cab was placed in service this 
morning. (Courtesy of CTS)
Today, as news headlines continue to shock us with the Dallas shooting tragedy, a trucking company in Wisconsin added a truck to its fleet honoring the nation’s police officers.

Last night Contract Transport Services – CTS – finished the wrapping of “Honoring the Blue,” semi cab that has been in the works for months. 

The truck was put on the road for the first time this morning (Friday), announcing that “In the wake of the tragedy in Dallas, CTS’s new truck is timely to draw attention and appreciation to those that serve our country and protect us.”

I’d like to share with you their Facebook message, posted by Curt Reitz, the president of CTS.
"On such a somber day for our nation, CTS is proud to put in service today our police wrapped truck. Too often the men and women that work tirelessly day in and day out to protect us are not recognized for their efforts. We roll out our police truck today, which will join our fire wrapped truck already in service. At CTS we thank those who keep our families safe. Our prayers go out to the victims of the Dallas shooting tragedy. We honor the blue and your sacrifices."