Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trucker babysits daughter’s doll and internet goes wild

Entertaining a request from his 9-year-old daughter has transformed truck driver Trent McCain into a bit of an internet sensation.

McCain, an OOIDA member from Colby, Kan., recently gave into his daughter Joselyn’s wishes by babysitting her doll, Abbie, while delivering shipments of corn in western Kansas. After pictures of the doll hanging out in the cab surfaced on Facebook, news of the trucker with a soft spot for his daughter quickly spread.

The original Facebook post on the McCain Trucking & Harvesting page with photos of Abbie’s day on the road has received more than 212,000 likes and more than 91,000 shares.

Soon after, the story was picked up by a variety of media outlets, including “Inside Edition” ran a segment on the daddy’s good deed, and the Steve Harvey Show has contacted McCain about a future segment. A You Tube video of the “Inside Edition” edition segment that was posted on June 20 already had more than 31,000 views as of Wednesday. He said the number of likes on his business Facebook page has grown from 300 to almost 5,800 in a matter of days.

“Someone told me that it was cute and that I ought to put those photos on my Facebook page,” McCain said. “The next thing I know, it goes viral as they say. I sure didn’t plan on becoming famous out of this. I just did it because I love my daughter.

“Not in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn into anything like this.”

The positive story about a truck driver going out of his way for his daughter also helps break through some of the negative stereotypes.

“It’s nice to bring a little positive light to the trucking industry,” said McCain, who has been a truck driver for almost 15 years. “I’m very blessed to do what I do. I’ve made some friends, had some fun and I’ve made a little money. That’s all you can ask for.”