Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dashcam captures water jug smashing trucker’s windshield

Police in Alabama have released dashcam video of a May incident in which a trucker was seriously injured after his windshield was smashed by a jug of water thrown from a passing vehicle.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office told Fox10TV that they hope the video’s release will lead to a tip that investigators can use to locate the suspects who ambushed trucker Charles Jones.

Jones, a trucker from Mississippi, was eastbound on Highway 98 in Mobile at around 2 a.m. on May 21, when the jug of water was apparently deliberately launched from a red truck by an individual hanging out of the back window on the driver’s side. The impact, which is captured in the dashcam video below from NBC News affiliate Local 15 shows the glass shatter, and Jones attempting to safely bring the vehicle to a stop. A driver behind also stopped and called 911.

Jones was temporarily blinded by the incident, and the news agency report states that his eyes were “swollen shut and filled with glass.” He is still reportedly at home recovering and hopes to go back to work soon.

“I’m just thanking the Lord because it could have been a lot worse because the truck could have rolled over. ... I could have hit somebody. And I’m just thankful it was no worse than it was,” Jones told the TV station when reporters visited him in the hospital following the incident.

The sheriff’s office told the news station that they received several reports early that morning from other truckers that a red truck had thrown objects at them as well.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at 251-574-8633.