Thursday, May 19, 2016

Who are the least popular drivers in America?

You’re on the highway and see a car ahead of you driving like an idiot. As you roll up next to the car, you notice the driver is texting on a cellphone. If you think “That guy/gal is the worst,” you’re not alone. has released its annual Road Rage Report, and for the third consecutive year “The Texter” ranked as the least popular American driver. It is worth noting this is the third year of the report, so The Texter is undefeated.

Here are the complete results of the Road Rage Report:

  1. The Texter, 22 percent
  2. The Tailgater, 14 percent
  3. The Last-Minute Line-Cutter, 13 percent
  4. The Left-Lane Hog, 11 percent
  5. The Crawler, 8 percent
  6. The Multitasker, 8 percent
  7. The Swerver, 8 percent
  8. The Speeder, 5 percent
  9. The Drifter, 5 percent
  10. The Honker, 3 percent
  11. The Inconsiderate, 2 percent
  12. The Red Light Racer, 1 percent 

In terms of behavior witnessed, “weaving in and out of traffic” topped the list with 80 percent of respondents reporting they have personally seen such “motorist misbehavior,” followed by “dangerous speeding” (77 percent), “multitasking” (76 percent), being “cut off” (73 percent) and “aggressive tailgating” (68 percent).

Coming as no surprise to anybody, the report found that New York City drivers exhibit the worst road rage, followed by drivers in Los Angeles and Chicago. Not coincidentally, those are the three largest cities in the U.S. in that order.

On the flip side, drivers in Portland, Ore., were rated the most courteous drivers followed by Minneapolis/St. Paul, so your middle finger can take a rest in those cities.

Speaking of the middle finger, 48 percent of respondents have been given a rude hand gesture, 35 percent have been yelled/cursed at, and 13 percent have been accosted by a driver who exited their vehicle to do so. Nine percent have gotten into a physical altercation. That’s nearly one in 10 drivers!

If anyone understands road rage, it’s the trucker. Who do you consider to be the worst drivers on the roadways? How many middle fingers do you see in any given week due to speed limit differentials?