Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trucking’s history in the spotlight of ‘time travel’ series

We’re suckers for any sort of slideshow or photo essay about the history of trucking. So when we came across a recent gallery of images curated by the folks at Paste Magazine, well, we were hooked.

After sharing it around the office, we thought we’d pass on the link to all of you, too. Pay special attention to the photo from the 1970s. It looks like a driver getting arrested during one of the shutdowns from that era. Is that anybody you know? Managing Editor Jami Jones and I have half a mind that it may be one of our early OOIDA members.

You can view the full gallery here. We’d like to take a moment to point out to the folks at Paste that the so-called “driver’s shortage” doesn't really tell the whole story, something we’ve been pointing out for years.

Do you still have any old photos from your time in trucking? Share them with us on our Land Line Magazine Facebook page. We’d love to see them and hear your story!