Friday, April 1, 2016

#FacesOfMATS Day 2 (Part 2)

Well, we may not have run into any single-digit member numbers at the Mid-America Trucking Show today, but we ran into plenty of members. Whether it was at the Association's booths, in the hallways between exhibit wings, or even outside in the parking lots, OOIDA members were turning out in droves for MATS. Here's some more pictures of our new friends, and even a few old friends from last year's edition:

We hear stories like this all the time from Jon Osburn about the generosity of our Life Members but we got to see up close Saturday when new member Tim Mitchell (center) and his son Steven (left) were signing up for a membership. Life Member Jon Praschak (right) was on the opposite side of the booth, but offered to pay the dues for their membership. Pretty cool.
Member Bob Schwartz, aka "Son of a Nut" - "My dad's (handle) was Peanut, so I'm son of," he said.

Life Member "Saddles" Baggett - Eustace, Texas. 
Member Todd Wulf, from Minnesota.
Member and trucking crooner Joey Holiday on stage with his pal Kevin Young on stage at the Papa John's lot.

Husband & wife OOIDA members Richard and Elizabeth Reilman, aka "Rail" and "Shy.

Old friend "Mater" aka Mark Smith, who came to MATS last year for the first time last year and got hooked.

Life Members Trisha Hunter & Dave Smith and their son, Matthew. Dave's handle is "Mr. Smith... Heavy on the Mister." 

Member Pete Wagenaar, & his wife, Life Member Donna, better known as "Bebop" & "Dream Catcher" respectively.

The rad-looking Freightliner cabover of Member Arthur Boudreau, aka "Heat Seeker" caught our attention. But the Garland, Maine, resident wasn't just there to show off his retro-cool ride. He was at Papa John's on behalf of Ask a Veteran Trucker - a group that aims to provide peer mentorship to young and new drivers in the industry.

Life Member Bruce Kreitlow & his wife, Jenny, of Clarion, Iowa.

Member Tim Bauman, an owner-op from New Paris, Ind., has been trucking since he was 18. 

Life Member "Grandma" Candy Bass is one of our favorite people, and if you've ever met her, you're probably saying the same thing. Here she is rocking the awesome jacket she received as a 2016 TA Petro Citizen Driver honoree.

Member Robert Wood  and his family - wife Dawn, son Douglas, and daughter Mikayla, of Centreville, Mich.

Tod Job, of Everest, Kan., and his pal Jim Finn, of Mantorville, Minn., check out the display at the Chrome Shop Mafia booth.