Monday, March 7, 2016

Trucker’s dog learns a new trick

A truck in Mankato, Minn., crashed into a tree and parked car on Friday, March 4. The driver was neither drunk, distracted nor tired. Rather, he was … a dog.

The human driver of the Freightliner exited the vehicle to go into a trailer sales business. While away, the driver left the truck idling. You can guess what happened from there.

If you guessed “Dog shifted truck into gear,” you are correct, and this was the result:

A semi-truck crossed North River Drive and jumped the curb near a Kwik Trip Friday afternoon. The driver? A yellow Labrador retriever.
Posted by The Free Press of Mankato MN on Friday, 4 March 2016

It is not clear as of press time whether or not the dog intentionally or accidentally put the truck in gear. Minnesota State Patrol could not immediately be reached for comment, so it is also unclear whether or not the Labrador holds a CDL or was taken in for a drug test.

According to KETC News 12, the Minnesota State Patrol arrived at the scene and placed the Freightliner out of service. A nearby citizen put the car in park as soon as the crash occurred.

Even if they are smart as whips and “man’s best friend,” with this dog’s track record well-documented, I think it’s safe to say big fleets will have to cross dogs off their list of prospects to address the so-called driver shortage.