Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Truckers and generosity go together

As I finished a meal with more than a dozen truckers at a Golden Corral restaurant outside of Louisville, Ky., it came time to collect money for the tip. Soon after, a collection of five-dollar bills made their way to the center of the table. Before it was all said and done a couple of twenties joined them.
More than a dozen truckers represented various trucking
charities at a dinner Tuesday night at a Golden Corral
outside of Louisville, Ky.

“No one is more generous than a trucker,” longtime truck driver and OOIDA Life Member Richard Conaway Jr. said to me as the money continued to pile up.

This group, in particular, is no stranger to generosity. Along with Richard, I met Bob Lloyd, Nancy Aguilar (not pictured in the photo), Deborah Richard, Bruce Richard, Ben Pernell, Michael Frybarger, Dean Owens, Vickie Youngs, Sue Wiese, Mary Abraham, Mark Abraham, James Burlison and Robert Palm. All of the truckers present were representing a charity that gives back to other truckers.

Truck drivers from Truckers United for Charities, Trucker Charity, the JRB Memorial Fund for Truckers, Truckers Final Mile, Truckers Christmas Group, Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport and Mom-n-Pop’s Pit Stop Charity Ride were among those in attendance at the dinner. While there, they were sharing the message of their individual charities as they work toward their common goal of helping truckers in need.

There are plenty of great charities doing great things.

Whether it’s helping pay for utility bills when times are tough, assisting families who have children with severe medical conditions, getting a driver fed and home safe, lending a hand to provide a good Christmas or providing transportation in order to get a deceased truck driver home, these charities are all focused on helping the less fortunate and maintaining the brotherhood of truck drivers.

Numerous trucking charities will be having fundraisers at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week in Louisville, Ky. Go grab a good meal, learn a little about the charity and know you’re helping a good cause.

When you do so, consider learning how to become a volunteer yourself. The charities are always looking for another helping hand.

Do what you can to help keep the generosity going.