Thursday, March 31, 2016

Get lit

As the day faded into dusk, behind the West Wing of the Convention Center, the parking lot blazed with the light of a thousand suns. Or maybe it was the many thousands of lights from almost 100 trucks sparkling, glowing and radiating into the night.

What a welcome to MATS. I wandered from truck to truck with eyes wide, a smile from ear to ear.

Lights from the inside the stacks and flashing displays under the frame. Little pinhole lights, LEDs, in colors no DOT officer would approve. Judges with clipboards scratching their heads trying to determine the best of the brightest. Crowds of folks with cameras in their phones or on tripods trying to memorialize the dazzling display.

It's all here. Old trucks and brand-new ones. Road warriors and trailer queens and everything in between. It is a movable feast, parked for a few days. Looks like a parking lot, feels like Heaven.