Thursday, March 31, 2016

#FacesOfMATS Day 1 (Part One)

It's always a blast running into our OOIDA members on the show floor at Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. Here are some of the people we've seen today, and we haven't even made it out to the Papa John's parking lot yet!

OOIDA Member James Butler & his wife, Hildred, of Clinton, N.C., at the OOIDA booth in the North Wing.
Member Joe Plante of Bardstown, Ky., says he never misses MATS. "You can't see it all in one day." 
New OOIDA Member Larry Tetzlaff (left) and his friend, Member Kip Hohm. 
Life Members John Waldvogel and Randy Boswell hanging at the Trucker Buddy International booth in the North Wing Lobby.