Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Osburn soon to be on the road again

Jon Osburn has received the thumbs up from his doctor, so OOIDA’s “Spirit of the American Trucker” driver will soon be at a truck stop near you.
Osburn suffered a tear in his knee that required surgery and several weeks of rehabilitation. That meant Osburn and his co-pilot, Sassi the dog, were forced to cancel tour trips to California, Arizona and New Mexico in January and early February.

But Osburn received clearance from his doctor ahead of schedule, so he will be back on the road beginning Thursday, Feb. 11.

His first stop will be Feb. 14-16 at the Henry Albert Travel Center on Interstate 35 and Beltway Parkway in Laredo, Texas.

Osburn and the Spirit’s following stops include: 
  • Feb. 18-20                   T/A, San Antonio, Texas        I-10, Exit 583
  • Feb. 22-24                   Petro, Beaumont, Texas          I-10, Exit 848
  • Feb. 25-27                   T/A, Lafayette, La.                 I-10 and State Rd 182
  • Feb. 28-March 1          Petro, Hammond, La.             I-12, Exit 40 

An OOIDA senior member and former longtime owner-operator, Osburn said he and Sassi are champing at the bit to get back on the road.

“I apologize to everyone for missing those stops,” Osburn said. “My knee is fixed now. For any of the stops we missed, we’ll flip the schedule and do those in the fall.

“We have a lot of great things planned this year. We’re really going to cover some dirt. We’re going to literally be bouncing off each coast a couple of times this year. It’s going to be great.”