Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Now in T-shirts: ‘Don’t like trucks? Stop buying stuff’

A few days ago, I was tooling through the grocery store and saw a lady down the aisle from me. She was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Don’t like trucks? Quit buying stuff. Problem solved!” in giant print across the back.

There was no way to miss it. And I had to giggle to myself as I saw other people spying what it said. They read it, kind of looked around. The wheels were turning. Were opinions changed? Who knows, but it got them thinking. That’s for sure.

Come to find out it was a co-worker here at OOIDA, and that’s a T-shirt now offered in our Cheap Freight store. 

For those who don’t know, it was about this time last year – just before the Mid-America Trucking Show – that OOIDA Executive VP Todd Spencer strolled into the cafeteria and plopped down a couple of giant trailer stickers with the same message.

The Land Line crew fell in love with the message immediately. But we also knew the back story. Greg Grisolano wrote about how OOIDA Life Member David Fife of Stone Cold Express had had enough one day and designed a similar sticker for his trailer.

Spencer loved the sticker so much that we got permission from David to replicate it but with the advice to tone it down a bit. Fast-forward to March 2015: We had the PG-13 version of the stickers at the OOIDA booths at MATS, and they were a huge hit.

As effective as those stickers are, I have to tell you by seeing the T-shirt being worn in a grocery store, surrounded by everything delivered by a truck, the message came through loud and clear.

We won’t have the shirts at MATS, but you can order them online or stop by HQ and visit the Cheap Freight store. The T-shirts sell for $12. Seriously cheap freight, eh?