Friday, February 5, 2016

‘Groundbreaking’ study on driver retention not so groundbreaking

A recent “groundbreaking” study by Stay Metrics says that allowing truck drivers time away from work leads to improved performance and retention.

In other news, the same company has released studies revealing that water is wet, and fire is hot.

Seriously, it’s great that Stay Metrics is working to share this important information with motor carriers, and hopefully it will lead to better working conditions for all truck drivers.

However, the fact that large carriers need to be told this sort of thing is the problem. Truck drivers aren’t different from workers from any industry. We all expect a fair wage, good working conditions, a chance to succeed, and good benefits like vacation.

No study should be required to tell you that if you treat an employee right that he or she is more likely to work hard and want to stay with your company.

These are not new ideas or concepts in any other industry. But somehow when it comes to truck drivers, this type of information is “groundbreaking.” I can’t wait for the findings from the fire study.