Friday, February 19, 2016

Dump truck driver hit by car, slams into house

There are bad days, and then there are really bad days. A dump truck driver, a sedan driver and a homeowner in North Carolina had one of the latter.

While traveling along Highway 210 in his dump truck in Angier, N.C., 71-year-old Tony Spainhour heard and felt one of the things truckers fear: being sideswiped by a car. It’s something you cannot see coming and therefore can’t prepare for. In this case, the impact threw Spainhour off course and led to this:

Yup. He crashed right into that house! According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, the damage to the house is at a total loss. Fortunately, everyone escaped with non-life-threatening injuries. Homeowners were away at the time of the incident.
The driver of the sedan that hit the truck didn’t walk away unpunished. A collision report reveals that he was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign, driving while license revoked, and driving with fictitious tags.

Statistics show that the majority of crashes involving trucks are caused by the other vehicle(s). All truckers can do is move forward and continue to drive safer than everyone else. Nothing you can do about idiots other than hope they don’t cross your path … or hit your truck.

Car driver smashes into truck, trucker smashes into house, and a homeowner comes home to total destruction. Someone pour these folks a stiff drink. Well, the trucker and homeowner, at least. Slap the sedan driver upside the head.