Thursday, January 7, 2016

‘Shout out to the trucker’

Credit a truck driver with an assist in helping a New York State trooper to pull a vehicle over to the shoulder of Interstate 87 in Yonkers.

A recent Facebook post shows video of a trooper attempting to pull a vehicle over without success. According to the narration from the person taking video in the vehicle behind the trooper, the slow-speed chase lasted about a mile.

I-87 Yonkers NY, Trucker helps New York State trooper pullover car on the Interstate.Follow @Ridenhourkennels
Posted by Dwayne Ridenhour on Monday, 4 January 2016

That’s when a truck driver offered a little help.

The truck driver passed and then pulled in front of the pursued vehicle to help the trooper safely force it to the shoulder.

In addition to providing some colorful language, the narrator aptly says, “shout out to the trucker” in the closing moments of the video.