Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Human chain used to rescue trucker

The highway can often bring out the worst in people.

All truck drivers have witnessed their fair share of distracted and discourteous driving and even road rage.
About a dozen people left their vehicles and formed a human
chain in an attempt to pull a driver from his truck during a
winter storm Friday on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

But there are also times when a single moment is powerful enough to restore your faith in humanity.

Arlyn Satanek, a truck driver with Pleasant Trucking in Connellsville, Pa., recently caught one of those moments on camera.

Satanek was traveling along the Pennsylvania Turpike on Friday, Jan. 22, as the winter storm began to strengthen. Soon after, Satanek came across a tractor-trailer that lost control. The truck was leaking fuel and nearly falling off the turnpike.

That’s when humanity kicked in. Motorists left their vehicles in blizzard-like conditions to see if they could help. Satanek’s photo shows about a dozen people forming a human chain so that they could pull the driver out of his truck.

“I’m sitting there in a daze, and I realize people are running to the truck,” Satanek told WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh. “They were just random people. They were stepping over debris, and there was a good bit of us.”

About 15 minutes later, Satanek and the others helped the truck driver out of the truck.

While the name of the driver has not been released, Pleasant Trucking co-owner Marcie Morrow said she has been notified that he’s doing well.

“He had some minor injuries, but they’re telling me that he’s doing very well,” Morrow said. “I was told that he was lucky and had only scrapes on his fingers and bruises from the seat belt.”