Monday, January 25, 2016

Guns and booze, it’s all about priorities, y’all

When Snowmaggedon 2016, Snownami 1-6, Super Storm Jonas, whatever they called the massive blizzard that pounded the eastern U.S. was building, states sprang into action putting their plans together to deal with the impending snowfall and fallout, if you will.

We saw the usual fare of emergency declarations. These routinely include waiving hours of service for emergency utility crews and truckers delivering relief supplies, activating the National Guard for rescues, and the such. Not a lot of surprises … usually.

North Carolina has a unique declaration included in its “Declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor of the State of North Carolina.”
This really needs no more commentary from me. I’ll just leave this here for you all to see:
“This declaration does not prohibit or restrict lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition or impose any limitation on the consumption, transportation, sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages as provided in N.C.G.S. § 166A-19.30(c).”
OK, maybe just few more things.

Yes, this is for real. It’s not off a spoof news site. Although The Onion could have a field day with it. And finally, the next part of the declaration prohibits price gouging. So, you’ll be getting the same guns and booze at the same price during and after the storm as before.

Priorities, y’all.


  1. Your point??
    When "States of Emergency" whether natural or man made, are declared, looting and riots often follow. So why not include guns and ammo for protection as a necessary option?

    And if you're a conscientious objector that doesn't believe in protecting yourself, your family and your property, you might as well be imbibing while waiting for the hammer of doom to fall. lol

    1. It's written as SATIRE ! Get a sense of humor

  2. The point is on top of your head, Anon. Funny stuff right there.


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