Friday, November 20, 2015

A unique look at relieving stress

In the October issue of Land Line, we ran a special column written for us by’s Buck Black, LCSW, LCAC. A licensed therapist, I knew who he was before I got to know him through the St. Christopher Fund. We are both on the Board of Directors. I asked him to write something for us on stress and by the response from our readers – it was a topic that hit a nerve. 

Here’s Buck on stress in the lives of truckers.

Stress is something that cannot be avoided. We all know that feeling of having too much to do or simply feeling like we cannot relax. Some stress can be positive, because it helps us to wake up on time, to respond to important tasks, and to better ourselves and our families. When stress becomes overwhelming, it slows us down, increases the rate at which we make mistakes, and even makes us sick and unproductive.

It is my fear that truckers will develop stress-related problems at a greater rate as more and more regulations are imposed upon them. It is understandable there is a need for regulation in the trucking profession. However, when rules and regulations go too far, this causes stress, which becomes counter-productive.

It is important to point out that feeling powerless is also a stressor. Many of my clients are describing the feeling of powerlessness and high levels of stress as they worry about current and future regulations.

Change = Stress is the equation.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rearview: On the trail of the Capitol Christmas Tree

Editor’s note: We’re looking “in our rearview” to bring you some of our favorite stories, columns and items from Land Line’s 40-year-history. This week we bring you a 2012 story by Editor-in-Chief Sandi Soendker about the Capitol Christmas Tree’s stop in her hometown of Independence. Find out about the details about this year’s Capitol Tree with our coverage here.

So I am on assignment Saturday night in my hometown of Independence, Mo., on the town square for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree whistlestop event, on the tree’s way to D.C. The drivers of the Mack trucks pulling the Christmas tree really wanted to see the Truman Home.
Land Line Editor-in-Chief Sandi Soendker
and U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree drivers,
OOIDA Life Member and former U.S. Sen.
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (left), and Duane
Brusseau (right) at the Truman Home in 2012

Independence is my hometown, and I live there still. I knew it was too far for a quick walk, so I thumbed at my car, parked just across the street. They accepted, and I drove them to a place I know well.

The big white home at 219 Delaware St. is timeless and unpretentious yet elegant. It’s kept spotless and looks like Harry and Bess just walked out. It’s tended to and guarded by the National Park Service. It was about 4 p.m., the gates were locked, and the park rangers were closing for the day. We parked and got out anyway.

Me to the rangers: “Locked? Oh man. Can’t you make an exception? These guys are the drivers of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree; they are parked up on the square for tonight’s event.”

We asked if we could just get a photo of them on the porch.

Ranger looks at the truck drivers: “Sorry.”

Me to rangers: “Would it make a difference if I said this guy is a former United States Senator?”