Friday, November 6, 2015

If truckers were as rich as everyone thought

I’ve seen my fair share of ways all levels of government have tried to get into the pocket of truck drivers. While this one is not a new gimmick, I just couldn’t get over how obtuse at least part of one city government’s leadership appears to be.

Let me set the stage.

There’s a California city, which like most cities, has some abandoned lots inside its borders. And, like a lot of cities, if the property isn’t posted, truckers park their trucks there while at home or maybe even when waiting to deliver the next morning.

Suisun City, Calif., doesn’t have a parking ordinance prohibiting trucks from parking at home. The city has the typical sampling of weight restrictions on some roads, no parking for more than two hours in posted zones, basically the usual stuff.

But, according to the Daily Republic, there have been a few truck drivers who have taken to parking overnight behind the post office on an abandoned lot.

Behind the post office. On city-owned, undeveloped land. That’s not posted. Overnight.

Now, like a lot of cities, Suisun City is looking for ways to raise money to make ends meet. Hard times, yo.

Here’s where it a takes a turn to dull-witted.

According to the Daily Republic, City Councilman Mike Hudson “noticed” that the eight or so trucks had been parking on the undeveloped land behind the post office.

He noticed the trucks. There were no complaints about the parking. The dude was tooling along on the way to work, or to grab a Starbucks, who knows – but he noticed the trucks parked there.

Apparently, he noticed more than that. He saw a potential money grab.

“Hudson asked if the rest of the council was interested in having city staff explore the details of charging the trucks about $50 a night to park there,” the Daily Republic reported.

Do what? One night’s worth of parking in a dark, undeveloped lot, and you want $50 for each one of those trucks. That’s $400 bucks a night for eight trucks for NOTHING. Heck you could find a Super 8 and park in their lot while you sleep in their $39.99 bed.

Now before we start sharpening pitch forks, lighting torches, and talking about boycotting Suisan City, for once the idea was not met with open arms by the rest of the city council.

The Daily Republic reports Councilwoman Jane Day did jump on Hudson’s bandwagon, but Councilman Mike Segala was “dubious” and Mayor Pete Sanchez was opposed.

Here’s where the work kicks in. Apparently they are still going to go tire kicking and see what the residents think. Oh boy. Anyone want to bet how this is going to play out?

So, since they are at least on the fence as a council, maybe a few letters or phone calls could explain to them why this idea is just not feasible, for many reasons. Here’s a link to their city website.

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit here and wonder for a bit longer … $50. How in the world does he justify in his mind $50 for parking on a dark, undeveloped scrap of land…. Oh, I know; truckers are rich.

I’m still shaking my head.