Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A ‘Chrome Shop’ wedding

Jim Langton and his wife, Tani, had kicked around a couple of different venues for hosting their nuptials. They say they considered getting hitched at a Renaissance festival, or in Las Vegas, before settling on tying the knot last Saturday afternoon at the Guilty By Association Truck Show in Joplin, Mo.

Photo by George Parker III
“A lot of our friends are truck drivers,” Jim, an OOIDA life member from Moran, Kan., said in a phone interview. “We just thought that’d be a good place to gather. … We talked about the Renaissance festival, or Las Vegas, but the logistics of getting everybody there on a certain day (would’ve been too difficult).”

Tani agreed.

“The most important people in our lives are fellow truck drivers,” she said. “We had talked about getting married, maybe going to Vegas, just because I didn’t want to have to put a wedding together. And then we worried about how are we going to get everybody there? Because the people we love the most are all drivers, and you can’t guarantee everybody a load out of Las Vegas.”

Jim and Tani approached Bryan “Boss Man” Martin for permission to have their happy day at GBATS, an event they and their friends have been frequenting for years.

“We went and talked to Bryan (Martin), and he was all smiles,” Jim said. “Said (the wedding) would be a first for his show.”

The couple met a few years ago after Jim purchased a 2000 Western Star from Tani’s parents, who like Jim drove for Trailer Transit. The truck itself has a pretty patriotic paint job, and the words “Let Freedom Ring” are emblazoned on the headache rack.

The Stars and Stripes would serv
e as the theme for the couple’s ceremony, as each wore their most patriotic apparel.

Photo by George Parker III
“We’re both pretty patriotic,” said Jim, himself a veteran of the U.S. Army.

The “Red, White and Blue” theme even extends to their parking situation at the truck show, where you can usually find Jim’s blue Western Star flanked by both a red and a white Peterbilt.

“Some people call us the Red, White and Blue club,” Tani said.

Although she used to drive, nowadays Tani keeps the home fires burning for Jim and takes care of their Scottish Terrier, Boo-Boo. The couple plan to take their honeymoon in New York City around Thanksgiving to visit Tani’s son.

“We definitely want to say a huge thank you to Bryan, Brice and the rest of the Chrome Shop Mafia,” Tani said. “A huge thank you to them and to our little Red, White and Blue Gang for their support and help, and just for being there and being loving.”