Thursday, August 20, 2015

A truckin’ flashback to 1984

OOIDA Member Frank Arpino of Waterloo, N.Y., was cleaning out his attic when he found an old Parade Magazine dated April 29, 1984. It’s obvious why Frank kept it. The 30-year-old cover says it all.

Here's a photo of the 1984 Parade sent to us by
a member. It features trucker Arnold Arrick
(dang, he's not a member) ready to roll.
For the article, writer Sally Sommer set out to see what the trucking life was “really about.” Her report is a positive and colorful read as she describes her 2,600-mile road trip through 12 states with several real truckers. Frank isn’t featured in the story (or anyone we know), but it’s a fun article and pretty fair depiction of what professional truckers were like in 1984 and what they were not

In 1984, Frank was in his seventh year of driving. He says he’s only worked for two companies his whole driving carrier. Earlier, he drove for a regional outfit in central New York. He now drives for a long haul company out of Wisconsin. This year marks his 38th year of continuous driving.

He says the job used to be fun, challenging and always something to look forward to. Even though he still likes being a trucker, things have changed. He thinks that electronic logs “took all the pleasure out of the job and doubled the stress.”

Frank also is no fan of the outside/inside cameras, too, and finds them insulting.

He doesn’t regret being a truck driver all his life, though. Like the reliable pro he is, he says he has always enjoyed being trusted to pick up and deliver consistently on time.

He’s been a member of OOIDA and reading Land Line since 2007. Knowing we’d “get a kick out of it,” he sent this old issue of Parade to us.

Thanks for sharing, Frank. It will join the file of other good old trucking stories that have made us smile. And maybe we should frame this cover.