Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Snake on the windshield

Did you see that video last week of the snake slithering up the windshield of a truck while it was going down the road? It pretty much swept the regular social media hangouts.

After the images went viral and his trucking company learned about it, trucker Brian Wilds was fired by his supervisor at Georgia-based Brown Trucking.

If you didn’t see it, here it is on YouTube. 

The snake was a sizey rascal and I can’t say I blame the guy for having to video it. It was right in his face. Jeez. Talk about distracted driving. According to some news reports, Wilds says shooting the footage while driving was “dumb” and says he’s not looking for any sympathy, but he does want to warn other truckers about operating hand-held devices while driving.

Brian, here’s a message for you. I think you deserve an attaboy for keeping the truck on the road while the thing was flailing all over the windshield. I would probably have ended up in the ditch.