Wednesday, May 13, 2015

From the vault: Trucker’s 1973 account of being ‘blinded’ by a UFO

It’s not Throwback Thursday yet, but The Southeast Missourian in Cape Girardeau is tossing it way back in their archives with a story about a trucker’s close encounter with a UFO.

In a blog post on Wednesday, the newspaper republished in its entirety an Oct. 4, 1973, account of truck driver Eddie Webb’s brush with a flying saucer, which he says left him temporarily blinded.

Webb spoke with two Missourian reporters, recounting for them a tale of an unidentified flying object that hovered above his truck on Interstate 55. According to the report, the object, which looks not unlike a piece of Candy Corn, hovered over the interstate for two to three minutes, with lights flashing brightly.

Webb told the reporters and law enforcement that the flashing lights blinded him. He even submitted his “nearly melted pair of eyeglasses” as evidence that something must’ve happened to him.

The whole account is worth reading, especially for the description of the UFO, which in Webb’s own words looked like “a big turnip.”

“The bottom and top sections were spinning and looked like they were made from aluminum or chrome,” he said in the article. “The center section had the lights on it and wasn’t spinning, but the lights were glittering and the red and yellow seemed to mix together.”

Eventually Webb stuck his head out the window and claimed to wind up with burns and nearly melted glasses when the object disappeared in a flash.

Most interestingly, Webb’s wife Velma Mae, also a trucker, was in the cab with him at the time. Although she claimed not to have seen the lights, she verified parts of her husband’s tale.

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