Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dear Florida DOT …

We’re still waiting on the truth, or at least a valid explanation about why the Florida SunPass toll collection system overbills customers and, more importantly, what the agency plans to do about it.

Are your overcharges a result of an accounting mistake? A software glitch? Or something, dare we say, concocted?

Your explanations vary on why it happens, and that is troubling. So too is your customer service and bare-minimum approach to remedy a complaint. Your status quo has been to let the problem continue until someone calls you on it.

A lawsuit filed by a trucker and OOIDA member from Plant City is an attempt to ferret out information about how often these overcharges occur, why they occur, and what you’re doing to correct the problem. The lawsuit seeks damages to force you to refund overcharges to anyone who has been wronged.

An FDOT senior official told a state Senate committee last year that data about the problems exists and that you work with customers to find refunds. But others who work for you have said there’s no way to track how widespread the problems are. So which is it?

Meanwhile, we know that the overbilling and wrongful billing keep happening at SunPass collection points and from your back offices.

WFLA in Tampa just added another story to its growing archive on the subject. They’re not giving up. Your customers are not giving up, and we’re not either.

We understand that there are lawyers involved now and that you cannot comment on pending litigation.

We sincerely hope the lawsuit forces the truth out in the open and requires you and your technology vendors to make amends.

You are a taxpayer entity and should be held to a high standard.