Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The ‘most famous person’ in trucking is not a person at all

OOIDA Senior Member Jon Osburn is coming off a very successful tour-truck stop in Ontario, Calif. While on the West Coast, Jon has met and signed up dozens of new members and connected with truckers on a lot of issues.

Jon had a special visitor to the Spirit Truck in recent days, a trucker who goes by the handle “Indiana Jack.” He’s an interesting fellow who enjoys making videos about trucking, trucking issues and life on the road.

Jack decided he would turn on his camera and set off to say hi to the most famous person in all of trucking.

With all due respect to Jon, Jack was not talking about him. The star of the show, in Jack’s eyes, is Jon’s faithful co-pilot, Sassi the dog.

In true form, Sassi is comfortable in the spotlight and gets her due in Jack’s finished video.

The recognition and admiration are neat, and it doesn’t end there. Jack’s video is also a tribute to Jon’s hard work and dedication to educate and interact with truckers on the issues and about the mission of OOIDA.

Thanks for throwing us a bone, Jack.

Without further ado, take a look at Jack’s video of life on the road with Jon and Sassi, 

We’ve gotten to know Jon and Sassi very well over the years, and it’s always great to see them at the truck shows or any time they stop at OOIDA headquarters in Grain Valley, Mo.

We’re a pet-friendly building here, so you can bet Sassi has the run of the place and knows her way around. In fact, she has her own honorary “all access” badge. To many people who work here, she is the most famous “person” in trucking – a real show stealer.

Jon and Sassi are preparing to take a short break from their tour duties and head back to Idaho for the holidays. Jon’s family is quite excited to be welcoming a new grandbaby to the family soon, so we wish them all the very best.

The 2015 calendar is filling up for the tour truck. Land Line Magazine and “Land Line Now” will have all the details.

Monday, December 22, 2014

OOIDA Board election – one more week to vote

I’ve been on the staff here at OOIDA since 1987 and I’ve covered the actions of the OOIDA Board of Directors as a Land Line reporter and editor. I’ve also served on the board as an employee director for several years and know full well the struggles involved with building the best board possible to represent trucker members of OOIDA.

Achieving that “best” Board of Directors is easier said than done.

OOIDA has more than 150,000 members, and I have no doubt they care deeply about their professional Association and its mission to represent the interests of truckers. But the fact remains that actually running for a seat on the Board is something only a very small percentage of our members are willing to do.

Board members who serve on a nonprofit board have serious fiduciary, legal and ethical responsibilities. They need to be trustworthy, believe strongly in the cause of the Association, and be able to devote considerable – and I mean considerable – time and energy to OOIDA. When they make decisions, they need to make them on behalf of the clear majority of our members. 

We are especially fortunate to have the Board members we now have on our current Board. The Board is presently made up of men and women who bring years of experience in different areas of professional trucking and from all regions of the U.S. and Canada. They are a remarkable assembly of savvy, sensible and outspoken people who truly bring the concerns of the whole membership to the Board room.

As we wrap up 2014, we have an election in full swing and we are about to add more professional truckers into this already remarkable group. If you’re a member, you got your ballot in the mail in November. I hope you have completed it and mailed it back to headquarters. You can vote online, too. Now is the time for you to have a say in who serves on the Board.

OOIDA members have until the last day of December to cast their vote in a Board of Directors election that will seat five new people on the board in the spring.

The six candidates are Arthur Ballegeer, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Tilden Curl, Olympia, Wash.; David Jungeblut, Sibley, Mo.; John Koglman, Oberlin, Ohio; Paul Storz, Independence, Mo.; and Monte Wiederhold, Lebanon, Ohio.  Click here to read short bios about these folks.

Speaking as a board member, I want to offer a special thanks to those six truckers on the ballot for stepping up to run. Congratulations for surviving the stringent qualification process and good luck on the election. Also, to those OOIDA members who are active and qualified to vote, these candidates have stepped up to represent you. They’ve each made a huge commitment to your interests. It’s your privilege as a member to exercise your vote. But more than that – it’s the right thing to take the time to support the efforts of those fellow truckers who have promised to go to bat for you. If you have not voted, do it now.