Friday, March 21, 2014

Truck driver sued for just sitting there

ATTENTION: if you’re driving through Albuquerque, be on high alert. Otherwise, you can be sued … for getting hit by someone who apparently has no regard at all for the law.

Reported by KRQE-TV Channel 13, Angelique Pena-Chavez is suing a truck driver for parking his broken-down semi partially in the roadway, causing her to crash her car into it. Another car then slammed into Pena-Chavez’s car, sending her and her 10-year-old daughter to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

But there’s more.

While in surgery, doctors found a large amount of crack cocaine in Pena-Chavez’s body cavity. This was not her first drug offense. However, one cannot shift the blame onto Pena-Chavez just because drugs were found.

Wait. There’s more.

Pena-Chavez’s driving record is less than perfect. In fact, it’s downright awful. She has been fined for just about everything you can imagine, including a DWI, running red lights, and 14 speeding tickets. Yes, fourteen!

Oh yes, there’s even more.

Ms. Pena-Chavez had 151 bench warrants for not showing up to court. That is not a typo. One hundred and fifty one bench warrants. The judge during the court hearing acknowledged that he has never seen so many bench warrants for one person.

The best part is the fact that Pena-Chavez has filed a lawsuit against the truck driver for four counts of negligence. She is claiming that the driver “created an extreme hazard.” She is seeking an undetermined amount for injury, property damage, and “mental and physical anguish.” I wonder if the truck driver can countersue for mental anguish.

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