Friday, March 8, 2013

Goat capers and giant coffins

Ain't road-trippin' fun?
Photo by Keith Goble
In about 10 days, the Land Line media crew will take the alley out of the valley, destination Louahvulle.

The countdown clock on the MATS website says 13 days until the Mid-America Trucking show but our clock is set a bit earlier. We will be leaving Grain Valley early Tuesday, March 19.

We are not the first of the OOIDA troupe to leave. We are edged out of that distinction by Jon Osburn, pilot of OOIDA’s Spirit truck. Jon and Sassi will leave on Monday. OOIDA’s marketing coordinator Nikki Johnson will be aboard the Spirit, too. Nikki is the valued associate of Marketing Director Mike Schermoly, who is such a clever assistant and able problem-solver that he calls her “Watson.” Jon, Sassi dog and Watson will be the first to hit the beach.

Then it’s us – the Land Line media crew.

Early Tuesday, we’ll be putting our tin in the wind and I do mean tin. Our rental minivans traditionally have heavily used transmissions that change gears anytime they want and at any speed.

When the Land Line crew is on the road to Louisville, every year we pull off I-70 at Midway, MO (just before you hit Columbia), and have breakfast. We used to eat at the truck stop but now we go a half mile farther to the world famous Perche Creek Cafe.

It’s a small cafe with great home-cooked food and a faded autographed poster of NASCAR’s Carl Edwards on the wall, attached to a busy little c-store with a couple of gas pumps.

Near the poster of Cousin Carl, there’s a framed newspaper article on the wall describing some unforgettable event called the Great Goat Caper, when someone put a live goat on top of the local water tower.

The café is headquarters for the Perche Creek Yacht Club, which claims to have more than 900 members in 36 states and 12 foreign countries. There really are no yachts, of course.

Every morning, members meet at the cafe to further the club’s purpose of “having no purpose.”

I know about this member thing because as a birthday present one year, my LL staff made me a member of the Perche Creek Yacht Club and I have member privileges, whatever they might be.

On the way back to the interstate, we always have to stop at the haunted house, no matter what season it is, because they have one of the biggest coffins in the world.

I love Missouri.