Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starbucks’ new energy drink debuts today

I am hearing that Seattle-based Starbucks has big plans to make a dent in the competitive world of energy drinks with Starbucks Refreshers, set to hit stores in the U.S. and Canada today, July 10, with locations worldwide to follow.

Energy drink? I admit this makes my ears perk up. I’m no different from a lot of chronically tired people, especially truckers. I’m always beat at the end of the day and I hate that, so I am always seeking the holy grail of energy drinks. One that tastes good, works instantly, not harmful to your body, and doesn’t make you feel icky.

I’m over Red Bull and Crystal Light, and I’ve moved past Rockstar, Bawls, AMP and Monster. Five-Hour Energy is my current favorite.

I’m interested, however, in this new Starbucks’ product. You can get the “Refreshers” in various fruity flavors. It can be purchased mixed by the server, ready to drink, or ordered to go in the form of an instant product that dissolves when emptied into water.

Starbucks tells HuffPost that their all-natural drink line is a “breakthrough innovation” that will likely set it apart from competitors. That breakthrough word always interests me. But the main reason I’m so interested is probably because they’ve made such a deal of keeping it under wraps.
The ingredients have been kept top secret.

Today I read that the Huffington Post now has the scoop on the covert ingredient. If you thought it was a super blast of caffeine, like their coffee, you’re wrong. Drinkers will get their energy from an extract of green coffee beans, which are beans not yet roasted.

Green coffee beans? Sound familiar? It’s that same stuff that Dr. Mehmet Oz has been raving about on his TV show. In April, Oz sent the ground extract flying off the health food store shelves with just a few comments. Oz says the natural compound contained in the beans promote weight loss.
I got some and tried it. It gave me heartburn.
Maybe I just need to stick to a peanut butter sandwich and glass of orange juice.


  1. Just listening to all the hype gives me heartburn and actually drinking these energy drinks usually promotes a humdinger of a headache. So I lay down to relax for a few minutes which leads to an hour or two nap. When I awake I am just full of energy. Wonder where all that energy came from; most likely the relaxing nap. Gee don't ya think FMCSA could take the hint and adjust HOS to allow drivers a comforting nap on occasion.

  2. I roast my own coffee beans and of course one day I tried brewing them still green. After ruining my whirlygig bean grinder (you need a grain mill) I brewed up the remains of the greenies and after the initial taste shock I did get quite a pick-me-up which I attribute to the fact that the darker you roast beans the less caffeine is left. I did start to like the taste towards the end of the cup. Just an experiment.


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