Monday, April 2, 2012

They’ll be swimming in for this one

We’re guessing that the person who typed up a fake public meeting notice at the Maine DOT offices was gearing up for some April Fools’ Day shenanigans. The trouble is the fake notice actually got published in a major newspaper. The clever yet whimsical wordplay has left the agency and the paper apologizing to a community.

It starts out as a regular notice to the people of Isleboro in regards to the Mill Bridge replacement project, but that’s the last of the normalcy.

The notice in the Bangor Daily News insinuates that DOT representatives will be “swimming in, if they miss the Quick Silver Water Taxi,” and that the reps will be on hand to “listen, with fake sympathy, to stranded folks who missed the Ferry complain, receive dirty looks from the locals, and smell the sandbound fish, who missed the tide ride.”

In the digital age, it’s somewhat easy to send the wrong draft to someone, who doesn’t give it a second thought, and before you know it, it’s published.

Should this have been caught? Absolutely. And yes, someone will undoubtedly make the point about someone goofing off in the office being a waste of time and government resources. Yada yada.

Not sure if anyone was truly insulted, although this may have gotten close: “We really don’t care about the bridge. We are just curious about these island folk. Anyone who happens by is invited to disrupt the meeting.”

The notice is good for a chuckle at least, given its almost Python-esque delivery, and is detailed right down to a faux project email address, “”

No word on whether the author has been sacked, or if the person who should have sacked the author has been sacked.

And by the way, there is a meeting happening April 24 at the Isleboro Town Hall.