Thursday, December 29, 2011

Land Line’s top 10 blogs of 2011

Many of you read our daily news, listen to our Sirius XM show and read our magazine. We also deliver several thought-provoking and popular commentaries each week in the way of blogs.

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t even know what a blog was. This year, we posted 84. Our entire Land Line staff writes blogs, as does our staff from our OOIDA satellite radio show “Land Line Now.” Several OOIDA staffers contribute blogs regularly to the OOIDA website, as well.

Land Line Associate Editor Dave Tanner banged out the top blog of 2011 on the magazine website, catching readers’ attention with a “Farewell to Willie’s Place.” It is, of course, a comment on the end of that famous truck stop at Carl’s Corner, TX. There was the rumor that Willie Nelson won the truck stop in a poker contest. And that’s true. Willie actually told “Land Line Now” host Mark Reddig that was the truth – and I heard him say it.

Number two this year was a blog written in November by Senior Editor Jami Jones. A pig is a pig. You can dress it up and put some lipstick on it, but underneath it’s still a pig. That’s what you’ll hear Jami say every time someone says Mexican trucks are as good as U.S. trucks. That claim is just not true and in her blog – “Lipstick on the pig” – she put a sharp point on it, backed up by facts. Ouch!

Our most prolific blogger was Bob “Cowpoke” Martin, a Land Line columnist who died on Oct. 11 from liver cancer. His style was inimitable. The third most popular blog of 2011 was one by Bob called “End of the trail” and it’s Bob’s farewell to his readers. How many people get to do the “by the time you read this I’ll be gone” blog?