Friday, August 12, 2011

Is it racist to oppose the Mexican cross-border program?

If American truckers are opposed to cross-border trucking with Mexico, are they racists? If they are concerned with issues like safety, jobs, national security, fair treatment – is that racism? Concerns for other issues like immigration, customs, reduced tax revenue for roads, lack of clear enforcement – is that racism? Of course it isn’t. That’s asinine, but U.S. truckers are getting smeared with this ugly word way too often to keep ignoring it.

Do you recall back in 1992, when the North American Free Trade Agreement controversy was raging and Texan Ross Perot – then a presidential candidate – made his famous “giant sucking sound” statement? He was describing the effects of NAFTA on American jobs. He was immediately labeled as racist, but was nimble to debunk this. He simply pointed out that the top myth used by NAFTA proponents is that NAFTA critics “are racist.”

Perot criticized the media for falling for the pro-NAFTA crowd’s cheap ploy – playing the race card. To this he countered: "The fact that American workers don’t want their jobs moved to Mexico is not racist.”
Perot said the “quickest way to discredit a critic, discount an argument, or intimidate an opponent in U.S. politics is to label that person a ‘racist.’ It happens time and again because it works.”

I was discussing this the other day with a veteran of the U.S. trucking industry and I asked him if he opposed the cross-border trucking program with Mexico because as a white guy, he didn’t want Mexican truckers in this country. He said, “Are you kidding me? Why would I think that?” He went on to explain that he had huge respect for the people of Mexico. Then he had his own perspective on Mexican truckers.

In fact, he thinks as drivers, they are incredibly skilled.

“Have you seen some of those roads? Some of the pickup and delivery areas?” he said to me.

“You have GOT to be a really handy driver to navigate those roads, find your way, and successfully deliver the load. What those drivers have to deal with is incredible. And that’s not even considering their personal safety and fear of cargo theft and other crimes. I totally respect Mexican drivers. This has nothing to do with race.”

Back to Ross Perot. He made a good point all those years ago that still holds true. He reminded the public that once somebody calls another a racist or cites a racist agenda, it’s grabbed up like crazy by the media. As Perot says, “the victims are then forced to prove they are not bigots.” In the case of American truckers accused of being racist over this Mexican trucking pilot, it ain’t so.

It’s a tactical ruse.


  1. No it's not racist to oppose it, but you can not deny there are some groups and individuals in trucking who do oppose cross-border trucking because they are racist.

  2. No its not racist, just our government slapping us US citizens down to poverty level. Then next amnesty! Thanks to corprate america. (chamber of commerce)

  3. That may be true but as a minority group myself, I find it very insulting for someone to imply that I'm automatically a victim because of it and yet it's done time and again and for no better reason sometimes than that they can and want to get something for little or nothing by hollering racist and that general attitude disgusts me. Yelling racist all the time does nothing to promote equality for the long term. As illustrated in that old story of the boy who cried wolf, after a while it backfires since folks who would be otherwise interested in being fair are lumped in with those who aren't (of which said group shows up in EVERY race)and are either not given the chance to show their colors at all or are profiled by the very same ones who are crying the loudest and then labeled as something derogatory.
    Equality means equal effort on both sides, not sitting on your duff holding your hand out. Quite simply, I refuse to be such a victim. So watch out guys or this lady trucker just might blow your doors off while I make a living. :D

  4. We are NOT against the cross-border trucking program because we am a racist. We are against it because we do not want to subsidize the very people who will compete against US in the transport of goods in this country!

    WE am sick and tired of certain groups of people being deemed "special" and are not subject to the same laws and guidelines that the rest of us face day in and day out. They want to come into OUR country to haul our freight, then they should have to meet the same requirements that we do!!!!!

  5. There are always some out there.that are racial. I just don't believe America can sustain anymore loss of jobs and the safety risks are much to high

  6. As a proud American of Spanish heritage who does have some lineage to Mexico and it's people from centuries ago, I don't think it is racist's at all. Isn't bad enough we lost some many jobs to foreign companies and other U.S. companies who have set up shop abroad? Where do we, the American truck driver, benefit from NAFTA? We are one of the last big labor forces to be threatened by another country's lower wage workforce. We already have a system that works in all of our border towns with cross docking freight at those bonded warehouses. This provides a means for all kinds of freight movements between both countries while providing and maintain jobs for both sides, let's leave it as is. It is not up to us to strengthen Mexico's economy while we seem to be desperately struggling to save our own!

  7. I,m opposed to the cross boarder trucking program because I'm begging for freight now. Im taking loads at rates I said I never would. If I gets any worse I dont know what I,m gonna do. My wife works to pay the bills around the house, and I,m struggling just to stay afloat. Bringing in more competition is not what I need at all. Race has nothing to do with it. Im just tryin to live and make a living.

  8. If I understand the situation, and I believe I do. I work in trucking compliance. The drivers coming into the U S will be from Mexico and will (supposedly) be from highly qualified companies. The immigrants illegally on this side of the boarder are not driving these loads and are not the ones you have this gripe with. There will be a loose of freight. We are supposed to go into Mexico but I would not do it with your tractor for any rate.

  9. RACIST/RACISM...Two words introduced to us by politicians and the mainstream media to further their agenda...Now anytime there is an issue where clear logic and common sense are used to defuse a "Hot Button" argument, or merely to support a change to current thinking, new ideas, or a better way, this ugly term is splashed on the front page or behind the mike. Just a cheap shot!


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