Thursday, March 17, 2011

TWIC: Where’s the pot of gold?

After the distress truckers and the more than 1 million other workers have endured, is TWIC going to be the next federal program deemed inefficient and ineffective?

More than 300,000 truckers have enrolled in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program.

Many, including OOIDA Life Member Gary Carr, signed up at a port several states away from home. That means they scheduled an application appointment, gathered important documents like passports and birth certificates, traveled to an enrollment center that most likely offered zero truck parking spaces, and waited in line to be interviewed and processed.

Then they came back weeks or months later to pick up the card at the same enrollment center.

It appears that for all their efforts, TWIC may not be all that effective. Recent reports at the Port of Baltimore revealed that about one fourth of the nearly 1,000 longshoremen at the port have been convicted of a crime in Maryland.

The Baltimore Sun has highlighted findings that 21 longshoremen had been convicted of serious crimes such as armed robbery, possession with the intent to distribute drugs, drug dealing, firearms, sex offense, theft and assault. One worker had 10 convictions including drug dealing, firearms, robbery and car theft.

Land Line Magazine and Land Line Now followed the implementation of TWIC for years in order to give drivers a heads up on the new ID card’s rollout. We’ve also reported concerns by truckers and members of the United States House of Representatives about the program, which has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in costs.

Some OOIDA members, including Carr have said they’re not asked to show their TWIC as close as 10 feet to port water.

In January, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the ending of a multi-million dollar border security initiative launched years ago by the last White House administration. Will TWIC, like all too many federal visions, follow a rainbow to no pot of gold?


  1. I personal have a twic card. When I filled out the app. all it basiclly asks if you ever been convicted of being insane or discharged from the service for being insane, then it asks you if you know that you were you can still apply.Go figure.

  2. Hhhmmmpp! This should surprise no one. The TWIC program only duplicated the HAZMAT endorsement, but with a twist and turn at every inconvenient impasse. Yet, are our ports any more secure? Look at the TWIC program, and then try if you can, to muster in obamacare, and see if we the people come out ahead in any of this....As unlikely a scenario as a No Drug Zone!

  3. Good commentary, Poster #2, but leave Obama out of this. He had absolutely nothing to do with the TWIC boondoggle.

  4. The twic card was nothing more then to grab a whole lot of money from a lot of people. Not only truckers, but port workers, and merchant Marines and anybody else that is tied into any that has to do with a commercial dock.I cannot remember, but it seems to me the card cost was 135. dollars.
    the Ports could not be out done and then decided it was a good way to collect more money for them selfs by forcing people to get a card for their port, another 50. dollars.taking out of the little guys pocket.
    So you see there was a pot of gold and it went into the governments pot as usual, along with the ports.
    And yes this was all done under Bush. I will always give credit where credit is do. Obama has enough on his plate that he is dumping on truckers.

  5. 135. dollars for the twic and another 50. dollars that a lot of the ports charged on top of it. And it did not matter if you a port worker or a truck driver or a ship hand we all paid. It was a pot off gold for the government, so now that they have wasted that pot of gold time to say like most things the government does. We will have to sit up a committee and see what happen to the idea, but wee are sorry to announce that the twic program is in effect, but all must go out and get an upay card for 200.dollars, and the pot of gold does keep giving.
    No president Obama did not have anything to do with this, it all started under president Bush. But I'am sure president Obama will figure how do do it again, after all it's not a tax and the government needs to raise funds anyway they can. Watch this pot of gold grow, oh I am sorry watch them waste this pot of gold too.

  6. Team drivers (married couple) w/TWIC, HAZMAT, Passports and anything else they can gouge us hundreds of dollars for. We have NEVER been asked to show our TWIC in Houston port. My question is -- all the drivers from Mexico participating in the cross border program -- do "they" have to have all of this or are they just free to roam about in the US? We all know the answer to that.

  7. I drove over the road for 12 years without a break, im done with the whole thing. take care and be safe out there. i did my job and it got me no where.

  8. I have to pull out my twic quite often as I load off the piers of Phila, Pa. This is not a pot of gold but a croc of *#%*!!! What a huge waste of time and money! My hazmat endorsement on my CDL should have sufficed for any background check. Thanks for listening

  9. How about returning all the money back to us! I had to pay twice once for twic and once for hazmat both the same info and both to the same place. Sounds like they came up with a way to make millions of rollers and not protect a single thing! Where's the money??


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